Protect Your Home: The Property Title Insurance

Buying a home is one of the most important investments in the life of every person. The real estate is one of the biggest investments we can get in our lives. With this, it is very important to know all legal guidelines to protect and prevent the loss of your home. title-insurance1 Full possession of the property is legalized by title deeds or deeds, on them certifying who is the real owner, this in order to avoid disputes or problems with the former owners or relatives of the former owner, if the property is intestate.

With a title insurance lawyer, this guarantees that he can assist you to ensure that all papers and all property documents are original, investigates and detects potential problems in the history of the property, as registered liens, lawsuits, interests in litigation and other problems that may arise after buying a property.

The sole purpose of title insurance is to provide you a peace of mind. It also provides security to the acquirer of a title presented in the record that has not yet been qualified and registered. The purpose of title insurance is to protect property against risks that are beyond your control as the owners.


There are a lot of cases where title insurance property can bring peace before, during and after buying a new property so it is best to consider hiring a real estate attorney that specializes in title insurance before suffering the consequences of a bad investment. By getting a title insurance property, the insurance company will make a thorough search of the public records of the property, so you will know if the property is intestate or have other legal complication

First, you need to understand that when you buy a new property, it is not only the land or building is acquired but the title of the property is properly acquired. Like for instance, the right, to alienate, lease it, mortgage it, as well as the right to occupy and use the land. Such title may be limited by rights and claims of third parties that may be the previous owners or creditors who are not aware of both the seller and the buyer at the time of granting the sale. The limitations which we refer may be lawsuits, liens, mortgages or other levies on property and therefore may affect the use and enjoyment of property as result in monetary losses to the owners.

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