Looking For A Real Estate Lawyer In Fort Lauderdale? Look For These Things!

Fort Lauderdale might get overshadowed by neighboring Miami, but that’s not to say this city doesn’t have lots of exciting real estate possibilities. From retail shops and restaurants to corporate offices and beachfront homes to starter homes in suburbs, any real estate investing or matters can come up here as you deal with properties of all kinds. Every so often, you will need a real estate lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to make sure everything is going right for you. Use the following criteria when you need to find one.

For starters, make sure you’re dealing with someone who is licensed to practice law in the state of Florida. As you are well aware, many Floridians originally come from other states. The legal profession is not alone in drawing talent from the other 49 states, but just because they were a lawyer back home does not mean they are yet licensed in Florida. Even if they’re taking the right steps to pass the local bar, until they have, they’re of no good to you.

For that reason, you need to look for someone that has a few years of local practice under their belt. No matter how long they might have been practicing, there’s no substitute for actual real world experience in the local market, as they are then familiar with state and municipal laws, rules, and regulations.

Whether or not you go for a lawyer close to your age is up to you. Some clients prefer someone in or close to their generation just for the sake of comfort and communication, but others either prefer older or younger lawyers. Younger lawyers are sometimes a little better read on current laws and the like, but older attorneys who have been in the game for a while bring their experience and savvy to the table, so there are positives to be had both ways. A professional real estate lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, however, will be able to adjust regardless of the generation gap between his or her clients.

Two things to look out for include their availability and rates. Going after one of the best lawyers in town is always appealing, but they’re going to be very busy and charge premiums for their services and work.

Another decision to make is looking at individual lawyers or a firm. An individual lawyer can give you personalized attention, but a firm has deeper resources to lean on with associates and professionals in other disciplines or sub-specialties that you might take advantage of when the occasion arises.

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