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It is every title company near me in Duval County, Florida provider’s dream to make the closing process as easy as possible for their clients. However, only a few of these title providers have widened their reach of service and maximized the use of technology the way that we have at Attorneys’ Title Services. The real estate industry has had more than its fair share of challenges during the recent economic downturn. In good times or bad, however, this industry is always evolving and developing, especially in the markets in which all of which are known for having robust real estate development. While the key players, laws, regulations, and practices in this industry continue to change, so too have our firm and practice groups with a continued focus on significant real estate issues. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, property investor, lending institution in need of local counsel, or anything in between, the Joel4realestate is here to represent your needs.

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We are ready to provide professional real estate guidance and advice in a wide variety of real estate based transactions. We take a personal approach to real estate transactions. The purchase of a home is one of the most expensive and important purchases you will ever make. You and your mortgage lender will want to make sure the property is indeed yours and that no one else has any lien, claim or encumbrance on your property. Joel4realeste protects your interests and the interests of the lender, should a claim be made against your property. Whether you are investing in your first starter home or your retirement dream home, finding a stable, dependable title company near me in Springfield is the starting point for a successful real estate investment.That is what we consider a win.

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For instance, in a lakeside community, an easement along your lakefront property could provide walkway access to the lake for other residents in the area. Another claim could result from a court judgment against the former owner that resulted in a lien placed on the property. Normally, property and casualty insurance insures against possible losses in the future, such as automobile insurance that protects you against future accidents. Title insurance protects against things that happened in the past, and insurers seek to minimize that risk prior to your purchase of the home. The buyer’s attorney records the deed of title and any new mortgage lien documentation. In addition, the buyer’s attorney pays any utility bills due, while the seller’s attorney handles the payoff of the mortgage and real estate commissions. In addition to superior service, our seasoned staff affords the following.

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Few title company near me in Springfield, Florida have weathered the storm of economic distress, as well as Joel4realeste, has. We look forward to being on your team of professionals in your real estate ventures. Being market-responsive involves every employee in the Company. Each of our employees has the responsibility to recognize and attend to our customer’s needs, whether they are internal customers or external customers. Our service and product development process must be market-responsive. We must develop new products and services and profitably bring them to the marketplace. “You have to strive to be a little better than the other guys and work hard on every file or you can lose the game. Every player has to come to work each day all fired up and ready to get their job done.

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Title insurance offers protection against claims resulting from various defects (as set out in the policy) that may exist in the title to a specific parcel of real property, effective on the issue date of the policy. Your Residential Real Estate Attorneys in Springfield will guide you through your real estate transaction from the initial negotiation of contract terms to the closing, and provide a high level of communication throughout the entire process. First-time buyers, especially, may ask. A defect can include a prior claim of ownership from someone other than the person selling you the property, for instance, an ex-wife, a former partner or a co-inheritor. In industry parlance, when buyer or seller conducts a real estate transaction in absentia, it is called a “mail away.”  A title search is a process that is performed primarily to determine the answer to three questions.

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Through the diligence and dedication of our staff, our clients can rest assured that their transactions will be handled with integrity and professionalism, ultimately contributing to the success of our clients. We are striving for the best customer service in the industry. Reviewing all recorded documents and court-related matters affecting a specific parcel of land to determine the present condition of title. Our experienced title examiners, or when warranted, our legal staff will review and analyze all materials relating to the search, and then determine the sufficiency and status of title for reporting or for the issuance of a title insurance policy. In the event that there is a fire all of our data and documents are retained virtually.