Looking For A Real Estate Lawyer In Fort Lauderdale? Look For These Things!

Fort Lauderdale might get overshadowed by neighboring Miami, but that’s not to say this city doesn’t have lots of exciting real estate possibilities. From retail shops and restaurants to corporate offices and beachfront homes to starter homes in suburbs, any real estate investing or matters can come up here as you deal with properties of all kinds. Every so often, you will need a real estate lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to make sure everything is going right for you. Use the following criteria when you need to find one.

For starters, make sure you’re dealing with someone who is licensed to practice law in the state of Florida. As you are well aware, many Floridians originally come from other states. The legal profession is not alone in drawing talent from the other 49 states, but just because they were a lawyer back home does not mean they are yet licensed in Florida. Even if they’re taking the right steps to pass the local bar, until they have, they’re of no good to you.

For that reason, you need to look for someone that has a few years of local practice under their belt. No matter how long they might have been practicing, there’s no substitute for actual real world experience in the local market, as they are then familiar with state and municipal laws, rules, and regulations.

Whether or not you go for a lawyer close to your age is up to you. Some clients prefer someone in or close to their generation just for the sake of comfort and communication, but others either prefer older or younger lawyers. Younger lawyers are sometimes a little better read on current laws and the like, but older attorneys who have been in the game for a while bring their experience and savvy to the table, so there are positives to be had both ways. A professional real estate lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, however, will be able to adjust regardless of the generation gap between his or her clients.

Two things to look out for include their availability and rates. Going after one of the best lawyers in town is always appealing, but they’re going to be very busy and charge premiums for their services and work.

Another decision to make is looking at individual lawyers or a firm. An individual lawyer can give you personalized attention, but a firm has deeper resources to lean on with associates and professionals in other disciplines or sub-specialties that you might take advantage of when the occasion arises.

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Protect Your Home: The Property Title Insurance

Buying a home is one of the most important investments in the life of every person. The real estate is one of the biggest investments we can get in our lives. With this, it is very important to know all legal guidelines to protect and prevent the loss of your home. title-insurance1 Full possession of the property is legalized by title deeds or deeds, on them certifying who is the real owner, this in order to avoid disputes or problems with the former owners or relatives of the former owner, if the property is intestate.

With a title insurance lawyer, this guarantees that he can assist you to ensure that all papers and all property documents are original, investigates and detects potential problems in the history of the property, as registered liens, lawsuits, interests in litigation and other problems that may arise after buying a property.

The sole purpose of title insurance is to provide you a peace of mind. It also provides security to the acquirer of a title presented in the record that has not yet been qualified and registered. The purpose of title insurance is to protect property against risks that are beyond your control as the owners.


There are a lot of cases where title insurance property can bring peace before, during and after buying a new property so it is best to consider hiring a real estate attorney that specializes in title insurance before suffering the consequences of a bad investment. By getting a title insurance property, the insurance company will make a thorough search of the public records of the property, so you will know if the property is intestate or have other legal complication

First, you need to understand that when you buy a new property, it is not only the land or building is acquired but the title of the property is properly acquired. Like for instance, the right, to alienate, lease it, mortgage it, as well as the right to occupy and use the land. Such title may be limited by rights and claims of third parties that may be the previous owners or creditors who are not aware of both the seller and the buyer at the time of granting the sale. The limitations which we refer may be lawsuits, liens, mortgages or other levies on property and therefore may affect the use and enjoyment of property as result in monetary losses to the owners.

How To Find An Awesome Real Estate Deal

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Finding a good deal needs a lot of research. You need to do this for you to spend your money on a house worth buying. Whether you will use it for an investment, a property for your business or simply a home for your family, below are tips that you can use to find good deals on real estate.


Buy a foreclosed property




When someone did not to pay a mortgage for an agreed period of time including the extension, the lender will repossess the home. The occupants are requested to move out from the house so that the property will be prepared for the new owner. Once the house is empty, the lender will list it for sale on the market.


You can get a great deal on foreclosed properties if you know how to buy foreclosures right. The foreclosure process can take several years, so a foreclosed property usually needs serious renovation or some updating. You may contact a real estate agent to further assist you. He can explain all the necessary matters on how to have a smooth transition in owning a foreclosed property.


Be the first or the last to buy




The early bird gets the worm. This is also true with real estate. With this, you should get a pre-approval from a bank so that you can immediately get a property with a good deal right away. Additionally, you can also set up an email notification from real estate companies so that you are immediately informed of new deals.


Approach absentee owners privately


This is one of the best techniques that real estate investors are using nowadays. An absentee owner is someone who owns a property but doesn’t live there anymore. They might be landlords or owners who are not sure what to do with their property.


Ways to discover absentee owners




  • Drive around and look for houses that are vacant.
  • Use online public records to find the owner
  • Buy a public record list. You can use an aggregate list site like ListSource.com


Find more deals




Whether you are looking a house for the purpose as an investment property, a symbol of independence, or buy a real estate property for a different reason, you need to remember that you make your money when you buy. You should find great real estate deals if you prefer to have an immediate equity that leads to the building of wealth in the future or save you in times of an economic turndown.

Things To Consider First Before Buying A House

For you to have a smooth transition after buying a new house, you need to plan thoroughly all factors. This makes sure that you will be ready for all the possible ins and out in buying a new house. Identifying your long-term goals is very important. Of course, having your own house is a symbol of independence. You need to narrow down the big picture and write down your goal.




Below are the things that you need to consider before buying a house:


The type of house that suits your needs


Choose wisely when buying a residential house. Each type of residential house namely a single-family home, a duplex, a condo, a townhouse, has advantages and disadvantages but this depends on your goals. You need to think first which type of house is practical.


The features of your ideal home


This is a huge investment and needs to fit both your needs and wants if possible. You may include your basic desires, namely your preferred neighborhood and size. You may also include smaller details like your bathroom layout and a kitchen.


The cost of the mortgage you are qualified




It is very important to get an idea of how much a lender can give you to buy your first house, how much other debts if you have any, your income and how long you have been in your current job. Make sure that your personal finances are in order. You must have good credit, a good history of promptly paying your bills and a maximum debt-to-income ratio of 43% in order to be qualified for a home loan.


The cost of a house that you can afford


A bank may give you a loan for a higher amount than what you really want. If a bank says that it will lend you $300,000 doesn’t mean you should borrow that amount as well. This is a common huge mistake of home buyers and ends up “house-poor”. They pay their monthly mortgage payment and then they have no funds left for other expenses like utilities, vacations, entertainment or food.


Your savings


This is one of the biggest challenges. If the home purchase will be in six months to a year, then keep the money liquid. Make sure to have a high-yield savings account because it could have the best option.


Your guide through the process




A real estate agent can assist you to find a house that suit best your needs and in your price range. Once you have finally chosen, a real estate agent guides you in negotiating the whole process.

How To Sell Your House Quickly

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A person can sell his house faster by lowering the price but there are other ways to enhance its attractiveness other than lowering it. If you are planning to sell your home in a cooling real estate market, then it requires a little extra work. Do everything you can to get the home in shape and be prepared. Below are some tips on how to generate interest, get the best price possible and  increase the odds of getting your home sold


Be unique




Try to have custom designs or additions like landscaping or a new roof to attract attention. This improves the house’s aesthetics and adds value. Make sure to have improvements that are practical and appeals to buyers. Remember not to over-improve it. Do your research first before starting any improvements so that your money are being spent that will get you the best return.


Remove all clutter




Buyers need to picture themselves in the space so make sure to remove all clutter. You can  want to hire a stager to assist you. Due to some good reviews about houses that were sold due to in’ assistance, many believed that stagers can make your house more saleable. So you may consider hiring one.


Good package


usd2 house2


This is an another way to make your house more attractive to buyers. Below are some offers that you can add to the deal:


  • Offer the buyer a couple of thousand dollars credit toward closing costs.
  • Offer a transferable home warranty and will cover appliances that fail.
  • Offer to close in a short amount of time within a month or two.


Improved external appearance




This is usually overlooked. The first thing a buyer will recognize is the external appearance of the house.  In real estate, appearances matter. Make sure to decide good color paint combination for the house.


Have the house in “Move In” condition




The idea is to have the home in move in condition is to give buyers the impression that they will be able to move right in and this saves their time, money and effort.


Pricing It appropriately





It is important to price your house appropriately no matter how well you renovate and stage it. You may contact a real estate agent, or do your research. You can go to online real estate sites to look for the market price of houses in your area. You can also have your friends and neighbors visit your house to weigh in.